Martin Wizard Extreme

Servicing the Martin Wizard Extreme.

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! Before working on ANY electronic equipment i ALWAYS disconnect it from the mains electricity !

The main components.

The lens.

The mirrored barrel.

The Ignitor.

The Ballast.

The Motherboard.

The Lamp.

The Transformer.

The Wizards Achilles Heel.

The Wizard and Wizard Extreme are brilliantly designed fixtures with outstanding performance because of the ammount of channels available from its compact design. There is one flaw however, cooling !
The lamp and exhaust vent are located in the left side of the “V” where as the cooling fan is located in the right side of the “V” So cool air has to be drawn across the width of the unit to cool the lamp. This makes the left side of the unit get very hot, but it still works efficiantly, until the fan grill gets clogged with dust. As these units were primarily used in Night Clubs, the fan grill gets clogged with dust in just a couple of months a symptom that is also componded when lots of smoke is used in the venue. This smoke recondenses and turns the dust into a kind of coarse pulp. The first give away sign that the fan grill is clogged is the lamp working for a bit then shutting down, working for a bit more and then shutting down again, in a kind of cycle. This is because the lamp is overheating and the thermal cut out switch mounted on the side of the lamp cowl, is killing the power to the lamp for safety.
If this warning sign is ignored, the connections and wiring to the thermal cut out switch in turn start to over heat, until they start to turn brown and then eventualy burn. The two main places a Wizard is likely to burn / melt / catch fire :

  1. Wiring connected to the thermal cut out switch.
  2. The Ignitor and its loom. (more on this later)

One of the main differences between the Martin Wizard and the Wizard Extreme, is the cooling fan mounting. Once Martin had realised that the fan & grill clogging was an issue, they changed the design slightly on the Extreme model and made it easily removable, With a seperate mounting plate held in place using pull out plastic locking pins (arrowed).


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